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Weekly news #5

We didn’t have Weekly News last week. Because it was a busy week for me. Now, we have weekly news no 5. here we go!

  • Google is going to introduce its new gaming service: Stadia. Read more…

It doesn’t need good hardware to play. all you need is a Google Chrome and good Internet speed. All of the processes will be done on Google servers. You can experience 4K quality with 35 Mb bandwidth.

  • Apple services and wearing Gadgets can stand in the Fortune 50 list! Read more…

On July 30th, Apple reported its 2019 3rd quarter earnings. iPhone made up less than half of Apple’s income. Accessories and services sold a lot. Tim Cook announced that part of Apple business can be in Fortune Top 50!

It seems people are being aware of the real worth of a smartphone. I think the mobile phone isn’t a luxurious device. Bad news for Apple is, if people stop buying your phones, you will sell fewer accessories. Maybe its time for a change!

July 29 is the International Tiger day! A day for thinking about this iconic animal. The total tigers all over the world are under 4000. We have lost about 95% of tigers in the past century! There is a world program named TX2 to save tigers in the world. The target is to double the number of tigers in the world until 2022.

International SysAdmin Day is an event to appreciate System Administrators and other IT workers. It’s celebrated on the last Friday of July.

If your computers are working well, If you have a secure network and if you are doing your job without getting worried about your computers, its because your SysAdmin is doing his/her job fine. Just send a text to him/her and say that you are thankful! 🙂

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