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Weekly news #3

Hi again! It’s my Weekly news # 3!

He was a computer pioneer who built Enigma decryption machine. It decrypts a lot of german encrypted messages during world war II. It is good news for programmers! Try hard and you may become Immortal like Turing 🙂

I’ve heard that before. Instagram is going to do that and I think it’s a great way to eradicate yellow pages who are just trying to post bullshit and get more likes.

  • AI learned to solve Rubik’s cube in 1.2 seconds! Read more…

An Artificial Intelligence system named DeepCubeA has solved Rubik’s cube in 1.2 seconds. The AI is created by researchers at the University of California. They said, “It learned on its own”.

Maybe it’s exciting. But its showing that we are very close to controlled by AI. It will know us better than ourselves and they will find out how to control us. Did you see Terminator II ?!

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