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Free SSL Certificate for WordPress

If you have a WordPress website, this post is for you! In this post, I’m gonna show you how to set SSL certificate on your WordPress website.

Having an SSL Certificate is very important nowadays. Your users will make sure that they are on a safe website so they can trust you. Moreover, having an SSL Certificate on your website is an important SEO parameter.

In this article, I show you how to set a free SSL Certificate on your WordPress website using Direct Admin control panel. As always, let’s break this into some steps

1- Get a Free SSL Certificate and set it on your Domain

Login to your Direct Admin control panel and select SSL Certificates. It’s under Advanced Options.

Now select Create Certificate Request and fill its form with your own information and click Save.

  • Important: Email should be one of your domain emails. Not a Gmail or Yahoo email.

You will see a block of odd text. Copy it to your NotePad. Its Certificate Signing Request or CSR.

Now, open one of the free SSL providers websites. There is a bunch of them. I choose SSL For Free for this post. It gives you a Free SSL certificate for 3 months. After this duration, you can generate another one again. Just type your domain and click on Create Free SSL Certificate.

On the next screen, you should select a method to verify your domain. I suggest Manual Verification. By this way, you will know what is happening in your host.

In the next page, you’ll see a file that you should upload in your host. Do it according to the instructions.

Go back to your Direct Admin! You should copy the CSR and Public key in this box. First CSR, then press enter and copy Public Key. Then click below link to copy CA Root Certificate. Finally, click save.

  • Important: Check this CheckBox and make sure that HTTPS is allowed.

Direct Admin > Domain Setup >>Secure SSL must be checked.

It’s done! You just enabled SSL Certificate on your domain. Now, let’s change some little things in WordPress!

2- Enable HTTPS on WordPress

Ok! Your Domain is SSL now. But your WordPress URLs are still HTTP. Let’s do the last part of this.

First, Download and install and activate Really Simple SSL. It changes your URLs to HTTPS.

Then, Go to Settings > General and change WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL).

That’s all. You have a secure website 🙂

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