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Set TFTP option in MikroTik DHCP Server

Specific devices such as Cisco IP Phones need to boot their OS and configuration from a file in TFTP Server.

You should set devices TFTP Server manually or set this option in your DHCP configuration. Of course its easier to set TFTP Server in your DHCP Configuration.

In this post, I’ll try to describe how to set TFTP Option in MikroTik DHCP Server.

1- Change your TFTP Server address to Hex.

In MikroTik DHCP Options configuration, you must use Hex form of IP address. for example, the Hex form of is 0xC0A80101.

You can use these free IP to Hex converters:

2- Set TFTP Option in your MikroTik

In order to set TFTP Server address in MikroTik DHCP, follow these steps:

IP>DHCP Servers>Options>Add


Add These configurations to “New DHCP Option” box:
Name: Whatever you want
Code: 150 (TFTP option in DHCP is 150)
Value: Hex form of your TFTP Server address (For example: 0xC0A80101)
That’s all! Now you can change your IP Phone or camera and you will see TFTP Server option in their Network parameters.
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    Thanks for sharing.
    It was my problem too.
    Good luck.

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